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Guided | A little London

I've been living in Sweden now for more than 6 weeks which is a rather scary thought, it's gone insanely fast. After being in Sweden for a few weeks I realised how cheap it is to travel to cities around Europe - $7 flights to London anyone? Yes please! Let's be honest, it would have been stupid of me not to so off I went to stay with a dear friend in their lovely townhouse for 5 nights.  After months of being totally obsessed with spending hours photographing food that I had cooked at home whilst living at the coast in Australia, I have really enjoyed shifting that focus and energy to photographing other people cooking, cafes, food that I eat out, street food, bakeries and also photographing the streets and people of new cities. I love looking at cities through the lens of my camera, playing with lighting, trying to get the right thing in focus. It's a real challenge for me but I love it. Coming to a new city and the thought of what I am going to discover -

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