That cafe effect: The Corner Store Cafe

| A morning spent at my local cafe accompanied by some of my fave mags |

A cafe with good coffee and pretty things to look at is the ultimate place to get things done - well for me at least. Although I have spent my fair share of hours in libraries around university, at the beginning of my degree I came to the realisation that I am most productive in a good qual cafe. A good cafe is more than just a place to have coffee for me, cafes would be in my top three favourite things about life (well maybe top ten) and lucky for me, the club of good cafe's seems to constantly growing, well in Australia at least. They bring me an odd amount of happiness and will find any excuse to spend a morning at one - they are definitely a significant part of my life (as weird as that sounds).

You will often find me sitting in cafes for hours working on an assignment or reading or writing lists to get my life organised. Today, after a painful PT session at the gym, I ventured down to one of my local cafes to flip through some of my favourite Gourmet Traveller and Vogue Living magazines to find a recipe for a dinner party I was going to and a cake for my brother's birthday.

I came across this place as soon as I moved to Brisbane almost a year ago (a whole year!) walking around our neighbourhood. I was totally thrilled to have such a beautiful place within walking distance to our little apartment. The coffee is delicious, the food is fresh and seasonal (proven by the impressive vegetable garden out the back) and the staff are kind enough to put up with me occupying a table whilst snapping photos in between page flips.

The Corner Store Cafe | 113 Sylvan Road, Toowong

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