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This old cheese factory turned cafe/restaurant is what I would call a perfect eatery. It's the kind of place I could spend the whole day in once a week and that I would pay any amount of money for the food it's just that good (not that it is expensive). Milk Haus opened over Easter and has created a lot of buzz around town since.

You open the door on the side of the old factory to what feels like it's own little world. The food is fresh, local and utterly delicious with a lot grown in the impressive on site veggie garden. The decor is rustic but polished at the same time with beautiful natural light filling the big open room which is fitted out with long communal tables and a fire place (!!).  The crockery is such a pleasure to eat and drink from, something that I think is vital to a good eating out experience. And the people running the place are gentle and friendly. Outside, there is a large veggie garden as well as chooks and ducks running around and cows close by, all adding to the locavore vibe of the place. 

I have been to Milk Haus a couple of times and am constantly thinking up excuses to head back. On my first visit we had an Italian lemon and apple cake and a date loaf with a flat white. All were delicious and not too sweet. On my second visit I had one of the best dishes I've eaten all year - Boeuf Bourguignon served with chats potato (usually served with mash) and a side of greens from the veggie garden. The meat was so incredibly tender and the potatoes were perfect to mop up the rich juice of the meat. I have been planning to make Boeuf Bourguignon for months now and this has definitely inspired me to get going, although would be rather tough to make it as delicious as this one. 

Both times I have visited there have only been a few other parties although I have only been during the week. I have heard that it is quite the scene on the weekend so can imagine that it could get rather busy. 

I look around with a flat white in my hand and think to myself that everything about this place is totally on point and that this place is what eating out is all about. I am always grateful to come across a place like this. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the South Coast region!

Milk Haus | 70 Woodstock Road, Milton - NSW South Coast
Open: THURS - Sat 7am - 5pm SUN 8am - 4pm MON 7am - 5pm

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