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Porridge w/ an apricot and orange blossom puree, brown sugar walnut crumbs served with cream or milk

Char grilled jerk chicken w/ ruby slaw, buttermilk dressing, and a corn and cucumber relish 
Pulled corned beef, potato, herb hash w/ a poached egg 

Going to have to say it - this place is supreme (#sorrynotsorry). After hearing about this place from my sister who is living in New Zealand and a click of their follow button on Instagram, I was very much looking forward to checking this place out while I was in Christchurch. It did not disappoint.

From the fit out, to the coffee, the menu, the counter top treats and the American diner feel, this place is unbelievably on point. The recent Christchurch earthquakes have totally changed the city and it still in recovery mode but it is really exciting to see places like this popping up and rebuilding this great city. I truly believe good cafes are one of the most vital parts of Christchurch recovering, it's a big part of the city's culture and bringing people together. Although devastating, the earthquakes have given people the opportunity to open great places and Supreme Supreme is a prime example of this.

The menu is well thought out and is very reasonably priced PLUS the breakfast menu runs all day - which I love. It includes your wonderful classic breakfast options of muesli/porridge (pictured above) as well as eggs w/ sides. It also has dishes more unique to the cafe including their pulled corned beef and fennel potatoes with poached egg (pictured above). At 11:30am the lunch menu becomes available making your dilemma of what you are going to order even harder. Again, it is thoughtfully put together with more substantial meals like the jerk chicken but also lighter options like their 'a no frills cup of soup'. I popped in a few times and enjoyed their green omelette and then their orange blossom and apricot porridge and also managed to taste quite a few other dishes that my dining companions ordered - everything was outrageously delicious. The unlimited sparkling water, that the friendly waitresses are continually topping up your glass with, is a great touch.

Supreme is a speciality coffee roaster that supplies cafes all over New Zealand and Australia. They have a few cafes in different locations - Wellington, Auckland, Melbourne and Christchurch. It's always a plus when you can take a little something home with you from a fab cafe. I bought a bottle of their Hop Yik hot sauce which I love and comes in great little bottles. They also have quite the array of jams on offer from tamarillo and ginger to boysenberry and vanilla. Supreme Supreme is definitely worth checking out if you ever find yourself in Christchurch.

Supreme Supreme | 10 Welles Street, Christchurch - New Zealand
Open | MON - FRI 7am - 4pm SAT - SUN 8am - 4pm 

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