HOME | Frida: Linköping, Sweden

My first weekend in Sweden was spent in this lovely apartment, home to the wondrous Frida who I have known for over ten years now. Located in Linköping, about 2 hours south of Stockholm, this apartment is incredibly Swedish using the space in the most practical way. It's a studio apartment so is an open space which includes the bedroom, kitchen and living area. The light pours in through the large glass windows over the dining room. Frida has set up the apartment very thoughtfully with mainly white furniture that all serve dual purposes - i.e. the lounge room turning into my bedroom with a quick shuffle of furniture. I am quickly starting to realise that candles are an important part of a Swedish home. As always, I wish I had taken more photographs but here is a little glimpse!

This is apartment is such a nice space to hang and has definitely inspired me. 

Tack for having me Frida x


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