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My obsession of photographing food has for the mean time calmed down a bit, I guess to make room from my obsession of wandering new cities and discovering their best places to eat and drink (mainly coffee..). As I wonder down the main street of Lund a few days after arriving in this insanely picturesque city, I see the sign for Reko Deli. I'm a sucker for a good logo so this, along with the seats outside draped with blankets, drew me straight in. Lund is quite a small town and is home to Sweden's top university so has a strong student presence. It was founded in 909 so yep, it's a rather old and beautiful little town!




I am immediately welcomed by two friendly ladies, one of them Bianca, the owner. The deli is packed full of your usual delicious deli suspects, and more. Having spent a few weeks in Sweden now I realise that Reko Deli is quite unique in that it has quite a Mediterranean focus with your usual Swedish food items missing i.e. boiled eggs, prawns, caviar... The front counter is full of mouth watering cured meats, sausages and cheeses from places around Europe like Spain and France. The shelves are packed with different types of knackebrod (crisp bread) and jars of goodies made by Bianca at the deli. This place is perfect for putting together the most idyllic picnic menu. 

Bianca is incredibly warm and welcoming. I spend a long time chatting with her about the deli and hearing about how everything she sells is carefully chosen with a strong focus on high quality, organic products from small producers around Europe. Bianca says she tries to stock local products as much as she can such as the Lund honey you see as soon as you walk in or the delicious kambucha drinks from Malmö that I am lucky enough to try. 

The deli serves a different type of soup everyday with freshly baked bread. Grab your soup and a blanket and sit out the front in the cobble stone street watching the people of Lund pass by or sit on the cosy bench inside. The deli also does catering for events around the city. I was very kindly invited to a wine tasting that Bianca catered for - the food looked incredible (photos to come!). 

This place is definitely one of my favourite spots in Lund and I look forward to popping in again soon to pick up a delicious treat and to say hi to Bianca. A fantastisk start to my Lund exploring. 
| Reko Deli - Bredgatan 4, 222 21 Lund. Open M,T,W 11 - 4 T, F 11 - 6, S 10 - 3, S closed |

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