Visit | Falafelbaren

I came across Falafelbaren about 6 months before I moved to Sweden during an Instagram session. It was one of the top places on my list to head to once I got here. It was absolutely delicious.

Located in Södermalm, Stockholm's Soho equivalent, Falafelbaren has the best falafel in town hands down. Everything is handmade and made freshly everyday. You can choose from a range of falafel variations and there are plenty of extras to be added if you wish. We went for the eggplant falafel which was incredible. It was falafel in stone oven baked pita bread made with sourdough served with tomato, cucumber salad with fresh mint, pickled red cabbage, hummus, tahini, pickles, parsley, eggplant and 5 falafel balls. The flavours and textures were so damn good.

Writing this post has made me realise that I need to go back ASAP...

This place has been one of my top 5 favourite food related places that I've been to - definitely worth a visit!

Falafelbaren | MON - FRI 11AM - 7PM & SAT 11AM - 4PM
Ringvägen 127 & Hornsgatan 39

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